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Finally, clean hydrogen without the green premium.

The Problem

Up until now, truly clean hydrogen has been elusive. Conventional water electrolysis requires a lot of energy, which is expensive. Steam methane reforming and coal-gasification, while cheap, emit 1B tons of CO₂ per year, which is about 2% of global CO₂ emissions.

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The Solution

Our solution is a dual production approach that is fitted to a large, existing market of ready buyers.

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The Outcome

Cost-effective, clean hydrogen that works under current market conditions and without government subsidies.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Energy Needed vs Water Electrolysis


Valuable Co‑Products


A headshot of Friðrik Lárusson

Friðrik Lárusson


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Matt Shaner


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Stefan Omelchenko

VP, Operations & Strategy

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Ian McKay

Scientific Advisor

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Justin Pham

R & D Engineer

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Alex Marshall

R & D Technician

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Rain Mariano

Director of Cell Development


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